Our investments change the world for the better...

„A business that makes nothing but money is a poor”

Henry Ford

American Venture Capital Investment Fund from Florida in the USA . We invest in innovations and new technologies in following industries: IT/e-commerce/HR sector, digital technology, mobile payment solution, green innovation building, healthy food business. In Poland (Gdansk) we decided to build a creative team for our own inspiring and global projects and start-ups. We support enterprising people. Our greatest investment is social responsibility. The core of our Fund is created by the following companies:


We support people in need all over the world.


We combine the global business in the USA


Real Estate market is our world

We develop the business and create global innovative projects,
but our overriding values are:

Social responsibility

Green Innovation Solution

Help for people in need all around the world

We are proud of these values

Our projects

AIC World

The innovative platform for enterprising people from all over the world, who want to provide services or do business globally, without the need of having their own company. It offers a lot of benefits.

Range: Global

Advance Cost Solution ®

It provides the top specialists from the IT/E-commerce industry on the US market.

Range: USA

App Gift ™

The innovative mobile app for the transmission of gifts.

Range: I stage – USA, II stage – China, South America and Europe

GoHotel Deals ®

The innovative platform and application to compare, search and book hotels all over the world at the lowest prices. It offers discounts up to 90%, not available anywhere else!

Range: Global

Green Clinic ™

Highly innovative and the only one in Europe, Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Stomatology and Alternative method of treatment. Friendly clinic with the use of the latest solutions that offers pioneering solutions on the European scale.

Range: Europe, Russia

Legendary Organic Lemonade ®

Great Legendary Lemonade based on organic and healthy products. It is squeezed in front of the customer. We create a network of mobile and innovative points.

Range: USA / Canada / Mexico

DR. Fresh Juice ®

The network of innovative Juice Bars with freshly squeezed juices.

Range: USA / Canada

Payment Terminals

Modern payment terminals with innovative capabilities. Sizes of credit cards for everyone. Fast, easy and pleasant.

Range: Global


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